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Welcome to Dalecarlia Cup, Borlänge, june 25 to june 28, 2020.

On this page you can find more information about Dalecarlia Cup incl. competition regulation and payment. Please contact us at: dalecarliacup@ikbrage.se if you have any questions. Welcome to Dalecarlia!




Dalecarlia Cup is played in accordance with the Laws of th Game by FIFA and Swedish Football Association 2019 with following exceptions or additions.

All matches
* A free number of substitutes may be used in each game
* A substituted player is allowed to re-enter into play again
* All substitutions must be fulfilled close to the central-line 
* A substitution can be made while play is in progress (play must not be stopped) but the player must leave the field before the substitute is allowed to enter


* The offside-rule is not applied
* An opponent may not be closer to the ball than 7 meters at free-kicks, corner-kicks etc.
* Goal-kick may be taken anywhere inside the penalty-area. 
NB! The ball is not in play until it has passed the line of the penalty-area.
* The ”4-step-rule” or “6-seconds-rule” for the goalkeepers is not applied.
* The ”back-pass-rule” to the goalkeeper is not applied
* If a player is taking a throw-in in a technically wrong way the same player is allowed to re-take the throw-in after a short instruction by the referee. If he/she once again fail the throw-in is given to the opponent
* If a player is preventing an obvious goal or a goal-scoring opportunity by unlawful means he/she should be given a yellow card (unless the act is violent – then a red card could be appropriate).



Age Time Ballsize
B-16 boys born 1/1 2003 and later 2 x 30 min 5
B-15 boys born 1/1 2004 and later 2 x 30 min 5
#B-14 boys born 1/1 2005 and later 2 x 25 min 5
#B-13 boys born 1/1 2006 and later 2 x 25 min 5
##B-12 boys born 1/1 2007 and later 2 x 20 min 4
##B-11 boys born 1/1 2008 and later 2 x 15 min 4
##B-10 boys born 1/1 2009 and later 2 x 15 min 4
###B-9 boys born 1/1 2010 and later 2 x 15 min 3
###B-8 boys born 1/1 2011 and later 2 x 15 min 3
G-16 girls born 1/1 2003 and later 2 x 30 min 5
G-15 girls born 1/1 2004 and later 2 x 30 min 5
#G-14 girls born 1/1 2005 and later 2 x 25 min 4
#G-13 girls born 1/1 2006 and later 2 x 25 min 4
##G-12 girls born 1/1 2007 and later 2 x 20 min 4
##G-11 girls born 1/1 2008 and later 2 x 15 min 4
##G-10 girls born 1/1 2009 and later 2 x 15 min 4
###G-9 girls born 1/1 2010 and later 2 x 15 min 3
###G-8 girls born 1/1 2011 and later 2 x 15 min 3

#= 9- a-side
## = 7 – a-side
### = 5 – a-side

There is no playoff in the following classes: B-12 B-11, B-10, B-9, B-8 and G-12 G-11, G-10, G-9 G-8 


Qualifying rounds
In each class the teams are divided into groups. Each team will play one match against all the other teams in the group. The point will be counted ; victory 3 p, draw 1 p, defeat 0 p 
If two teams end-up at the same number of points the group is decided by:

1. Goal difference
2. Most goals scored
3. The result of the match between the involved teams
4. Penalty-competition between the involved teams in accordance with the regulations for penalties in this tournament.
(If this situation occurs the penalty-competition will take place after agreement between the teams and the Tournament Jury.) 

The two best teams in each group are qualified for the Play-off. In some group even a third team can qualify. The other teams play games to decide their finishing position.

The play-off matches will be played in accordance with the ”knock-out-system”. If a match ends in a draw there will be a penalty-competition to decide the winner.  This penalty-kick competition is played in accordance with the FIFA-regulation with one addition. Addition : If the game is not decided after the first 5 penalty-kicks; a player is allowed to take his second kick. If the game is not decided after the first 10 penalty-kicks a player is allowed to take his third kick etc. This addition is optional. It is allowed for one leader to enter the field of play during penalty-kicks (to decide a winner). One leader must remain at the touch-line with the substitutes.

If the Final-match – but ONLY the Final match – ends in a draw there will be played an extra-time of 2 x 5 minutes. If the Final match is still not decided after the extra-time a penalty-competition will take place.

Match to decide a winner of 3-4:e price is also played.

The organizers have the right to make changes in the sent out programme.

All matches are played at the Sportsfield in Borlänge.
In the event of extremely bad weather conditions other playgrounds in the area will be used.

Participants list
At the latest in connection with the check-in procedure every team have to complete an official participants-list and deliver to the central administration of the tournament. (can be done before-hand via internet).
This participants-list should include the names and dates-of-birth of the players the team are going to use during the tournament. Copies of the participants list will be provided to the team by the organizers. These copies will be used as teamlist at each game (see down).
All players must be prepared to identify themselves with a valid identity-card (passport or similar). This will be done at the request of the competition-jury.

On the participants list a maximum number of five (5) “over-aged” players are allowed. 
These players may be born not more than ONE year before the age-limit of the class. 
In each game separately the team is only allowed to use two (2) out of these overaged players. 
These overaged players must be especially marked at the participants-list, and at the team-list that you have to present before each game. (see down)

If a club is taking part with more than one team in a class, a player is allowed to play in only one of these teams. However on condition that the age-limit is fulfilled a player is allowed to take part in more than one class. 

There are no other exemptions for age during the tournament. 



The teamlist contains of the same names entered in your teams participants list in the registration procedure.

Technical area
Inside the marked technical-area around the playground only players and officials at the team-list are allowed. Others (supporters, parents etc) must be clearly separated from the benches. Both teams must take position along the same touchline.

If two teams have very similar outfit the team considered as away-team change their gear. Neutral bips with numbers can be borrowed from the Secretary.



Yellow cards / Red cards
No accumulated system for yellow cards is used during the tournament.
If a player receives two yellow cards during one game or if sent-off due to a goal-scoring opportunity situation he/she is not allowed to take part in the team´s next match in the tournament. 
If a player is given an immediately red card (due to serious foul play, violent conduct etc) the referee will make a written report and the competition-jury will then decide about appropriate sanctions. This also applies to officials sent-off the playground.
If a player/official is sent off during the tournament the organizers have the right to send the report to the normal local football-authorities of the club.

Referees and assistant referees
Referees are nominated and appointed by the local Referees authorities.

Protest against the validity of a match must be written and handed in to the Secretariat by the official in charge of the team not later than 30 minutes after the game is finished. A protest fee of 500 :- SEK should be paid at the same time. This fee will be paid back if the protest is approved. 

If a team win a match due to an approved protest or because of walk-over the result will be 3 – 0.

Abandoned match / circumstances according to safety of participants (i e serious thunderstorms etc.)
The competition-jury decides if/when a match has to be abandoned. An abandoned match should be re-started as soon as possible If a match not can be re-started the competition-jury will decide the outcome of the game.
If a final game not can be started two winners will be decided. 


The competition jury consists of at least three (3) members from the local Football Association of Dalarna and from the organizers of Dalecarlia Cup.

The jury handles protests, exemptions or exclusions and punishment matters . The jury meets twice a day : 1200 hours and 18.00 hours. The jury also has the right to exclude teams or players who do not follow the competition-regulations or the regulations at the schools. 
All decisions from the jury are final.




For price information please contact: dalecarliacup@ikbrage.se

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